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Domestic car repair in austin

Image AutoIt’s hard to believe that car repair has changed more over the past two decades than it had in the 90 years previous to that. With advancements in automotive technology, it is more difficult now to perform basic auto maintenance like oil changes by yourself. Even replacing spark plugs now requires some disassembling of the engine. At Carter’s, we make it our duty to educate our customers about auto repair and how it has changed.
Carter’s full service shop specializes in both domestic and foreign vehicle repair and maintenance. For your domestic car problems, come see us. Our expert technicians will carefully listen to what you have experienced over the course of having issues with your car and will determine the problem from there.


Our car repair staff is experienced, will accurately diagnosis your problem and make the repairs necessary to get your vehicle back to excellent working condition. Not only will you receive the best service available in Austin, we charge a much lower price than a dealership charges.


Trusted car repairs for over 60 years

For many, a car is the 2nd largest investment they will make in their lives. Since we now live in a world where technicians must have degrees and get certified to perform auto repair/maintenance, we strongly recommend that car owners consider letting a professional take care of repairs instead of doing it themselves.

Check below for a complete list of the Domestic Vehicle Repair Services we offer:


- Air Conditioning Service & Repair 

- General maintenance

- Scheculed maintenance

- Brake Repair (Turning of Drum & Rotor) 

- Clutches 

- CV Joints 

- Diagnostics/Tune ups 

- Repair of front end 

- Belts and Hoses 

- Radiators/Heater Core 

- Timing Belts & water pumps

- Window Motors 

- Water Pumps 


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